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List of Equipment

for your rental uses

Bissell SpotClean Pro

is an upholstery cleaner. It has brush attachment and work with household liquid laundry detergent. Best for fabric sofa cleaning. It cleans mattresses too.

Karcher Puzzi 8/1 C

is a heavy-duty upholstery cleaner. It has long hose and strong vacuum to remove water easily. Best for mattress cleaning. It cleans delicate / hand-woven carpets too.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

is a carpet cleaner. It works with household liquid laundry detergent. Best for cleaning thin, low-pile, and small carpets.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

is a carpet cleaner. It has powerful vacuum to remove water easily. Best for cleaning low-pile large carpets.

Bissell Big Green

is a heavy-duty carpet cleaner. Its vacuum suction is outstanding. Best for cleaning a large number of low-pile carpets (small & large). It cleans some medium-pile carpets too.

XPower P-230AT

is a blower/dryer. It is light-weight and low-noise. Commonly used to dry up the wet surface of fabric sofa and mattress.

Karcher AB 45 Classic

is a powerful blower / carpet dryer. Its strong air flow is able to wave a wet carpet so both sides get dried up effectively.

Bosch GAS 15

is a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Its dry vacuum removes dust and concrete pieces. Its HEPA filter traps dust particles that go into the machine. It has wet vacuum to remove puddles of water when area wash is required.

Karcher SC 2

is a steam cleaner. Its boiling steam heats up a cloth attachment to 95C. The hot cloth mops away concrete powder from floors and walls. It sanitizes contaminated areas and bring back the hygiene and fresh air.

Karcher SC 5

is a heavy-duty steam cleaner. It does everything the Karcher SC 2 does but with greater heat power. Importantly, it has non-stop steam output for uninterrupted cleaning of large areas.