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Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC 2 (Rental)

Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC 2 (Rental)


1 Day

S$ 35

2 Days

S$ 65

3 Days

S$ 95


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy portability / maneuverability.
  • Equipped with a 1 liter and 1500W boiler that produces 3.2 bar hot steam ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and furniture cleaning.
  • Kills bacteria, dust mites, mold and many other micro-organism for surface disinfection and sanitization.
  • Loosen grease and stain for effortless interior cleaning.
  • Accessories included: Hand nozzle & 2pcs of hand clothes; floor nozzle & 2pcs of floor clothes; brush nozzle, power nozzle, small brush, and big brush; 2pcs of extension tubes.
  • All-round technical support: Demo videos, step-by-step instructions, 24/7 hotline. 


S$ 10 for extra 3pcs of hand clothes

S$ 50 for delivery & return pickup services.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a steam cleaner?

  1. A steam cleaner boils water at controlled high pressure. As a result, the water and its vapor (steam) reach an elevated temperature much higher than the usual boiling temperature of water (100C).
  2. The hot steam is ejected by the machine and act as a heat source for cleaning and sanitization uses.
  3. Typically, a piece of towel / cloth is attached to the steam nozzle. It will be heated by hot steam to a remarkably high temperature, which easily loosens stains and kills microorganisms / bacteria via heat. All the "unwanted" stuffs will be rubbed away by the heated towel / cloth.

What are the typical uses of this steam cleaner?

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathroom
  3. Furniture
  4. Cupboards
  5. Beds
  6. Sofa / Cushion
  7. Blinds
  8. Windows
  9. Walls