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Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch GAS 15 (Rental)

Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch GAS 15 (Rental)


1 Day

S$ 35

2 Days

S$ 65

3 Days

S$ 95


  • Heavy duty and powerful suction thanks to its 1100W turbine.
  • High-capacity tank with a 15 liter gross volume for massive extraction of solid pieces and dust make it ideal for house cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, etc.
  • Can be switched to wet vacuum mode for floor wash, air-conditioner maintenance, etc. applications.
  • Accessories included: (A) Dry vacuum parts -> floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, brush nozzle; (B) Wet vacuum parts -> wet floor nozzle, wet filter; (C) HEPA filter & holder; (D) Vacuum hose 3 meter; (E) Extension tubes 2pcs.


S$ 50 for delivery & return pickup services.​

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