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How To Use the Karcher SC 2?

The Karcher SC 2 is a handy equipment for light-duty steam cleaning. Here we show you how to use this rental equipment from us.

Karcher SC 2 (Rental)

Adding and Boiling of Water

The Karcher SC 2 there is a water boiler of 1 liter capacity. We need to fill it up with tap water. DO NOT add detergent or other type of liquid / material to the boiler. When the power supply is switched on, the machine will start the heating automatically. The LED light on its handle will turn red which means the heating is on going. It will take about 7 minutes to turn green which means the the boiler is now ready to produce hot steam. At that moment, the water inside has been heated up to 100+ degree Celsius (i.e. it is boiling). For more details, watch the following demo video:

Using the Attachment Tools

The Karcher SC 2 comes with the following three attachment tools

  1. Hand tool - it steam mops curtains, furniture, etc. with a terry cloth.
  2. Floor tool - it steam mops floors, walls, and ceiling with a floor cloth.
  3. Brush tool - it steam scrubs heavily stained surfaces with a small brush / big brush / power nozzle.

These attachment tools can be easily attached to the steamer gun of the Karcher SC 2. Just insert the steamer gun into any of the tools until it "clicks". To avoid accidental heat burn by hot steam: When you are changing the attachment tools, the steamer gun should be locked with the manual switched on its upper part. For more details, watch the following demo video:

Refilling Water when the Machine is Still Hot

A Karcher SC 2 that is fully loaded with water can operate for about 20 mins continuously. After that it will run out of water even thought the LED light on its handle remains green. The user is advised to switch off the machine immediately to prevent potential over heating. After that, let the machine cool down for 5 mins if it was empty inside, or 15 mins if it still contained some hot water. The machine may still be hot and the pressure stays high inside it. To safely open the machine, its inside pressure needs to be relieved. This can be down through the steamer gun. Simply press on the hand trigger to release all the steam into the air. This pressure-relief process may take a few minutes until no visible steam is coming out. At that time the machine is ready to be open. Slowly turn the machine cap anti-clockwise. Let any residual hot steam comes out from the machine cap. It is hot! NOT touch the residual hot steam. Remove the machine cap when there is no more residual steam coming out.

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