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How To Use the Bosch GAS 15?

The Bosch GAS 15 is a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for house cleaning. Here we show you how to use it.

Bosch GAS 15 (Rental)

Dry Vacuum Operation

The Bosch GAS 15 is a strong vacuum cleaner with long vacuum hose and various types of nozzle. The following videos show:

  1. how to attach a 2-meter vacuum hose to the machine manually,
  2. dry vacuum in action
  3. dry vacuum with different nozzles and accessories provided

How to connect the vacuum hose

Dry vacuum in action

Dry vacuum with different nozzles

Wet Vacuum Operation

While the Bosch GAS 15 is primarily used as dry vacuum, it can be switched to wet vacuum when needed. The following videos show:

  1. how to switch from dry to wet vacuum (with different type of filter)
  2. wet vacuum in action

How to switch to wet vacuum

Wet vacuum in action

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