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How To Steam Clean a Mattress?

Steam cleaning sanitizes and cleans a mattress using hot steam and steam-heated cloth / towel. Here we explain how you may do this using our rental equipment - Karcher SC 5.

Picture: A customer's mattress to be steam-cleaned with the Karcher SC 5.

Karcher SC 5 (Rental)

Why do you need to steam clean a mattress?

Over time a mattress accumulates bad odor from its humid environment and oily substance (sebum) from human body. This degrades the freshness of the mattress. What's worse, it may invite dust mites and other micro-organism that live on those deposits on the mattress surfaces.

Steam cleaning is an effective solution. The hot steam removes bad odor and destroys those uninvited micro-organism. Furthermore, oily stains will be loosened and rub away by a steam-heated cloth / towel which is maintained at high temperature 95-100 degree Celsius.

Use clean water only

The steam cleaning process uses only clean water. Do not add chemical or detergent to the water tank of the steamer.

Steam cleaning steps

The steam cleaning of mattress consists of the following steps:

  1. Vacuum the entire mattress to remove particles and dust.
  2. Attach a cloth bonnet or any towel to the steamer hand tool.
  3. Preheat the cloth / towel for 10-15 secs so that it reaches the required high temperature (95-100 C).
  4. Gently press the steam-heated cloth / towel onto the mattress for 1-2 seconds so the latter can be heated to the same high temperature.
  5. Slowly but firmly rub over the mattress using the steam-heated cloth / towel. Oily stain will be now pulled out and transferred to the cloth / towel.

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