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House Cleaning with the Karcher SC 5

House cleaning is necessary to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. However, past experience taught us how tiring it can be, so true when we tackle the job with our "bare hands".

A powerful steam cleaner like the Karcher SC 5 will greatly help in this context. It produces hot steam jetting at 4.2 bar pressure as well as blasts of hot water. The hot steam, or its combination with the hot water, will loosen and wash away stubborn stain and grease found on the interior surfaces of houses. Furthermore, it kills dust mites, molds, and many other microorganisms thanks to its high temperature above the boiling point 100C of water.

Here, we list down the typical uses of Karcher SC 5 in different corners of a house. Videos are included to demonstrate the cleaning process and results.

Karcher SC 5 Steam Cleaner (Rental)

Bedroom Cleaning

We want our bedrooms to be free from dust and allergen. This ensures good sleeps and protects our loved ones from allergies. However, dust and allergen are everywhere: how could we eliminate all these effectively and effortlessly? One solution is to use the steam cleaner Karcher SC 5 which also produces blasts of hot water, also known as the "VapoHydro function". We list down the examples here:

Window Frame

Window Curtains


Air-con Indoor Unit

Wall Fan

Mattresses and Beds

Toddler Toys

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom is typically infected by mold due to its humid environment. Hot steam effectively eliminates the mold and loosen their attachment to the bathroom surfaces. We list down the examples here:


Taps and Fittings

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