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Five reasons to rent instead of buying a steam cleaner in Singapore

Do you know that you can rent a steam cleaner in Singapore? Here are five reasons why renting is better than buying based on our customers' feedbacks.

Reason 1 | You need it only once

You need a steam cleaner for spring cleaning or some end-of-tenancy cleaning. It is sensible to rent instead of buying as you only use it once in a while.

Reason 2 | You make huge savings

Take the Karcher SC 5 which is our most popular steam cleaner as an example:

S$700 to Buy

Buying a new Karcher SC 5 costs about S$700 in Singapore.

S$110 to Rent

1 day rental (24 hours) plus transportation fees sum up to S$110

S$590 to Save!

Reason 3 | You want the best equipment

You want the best steam cleaner for heavy-duty and long hours of usage. However, you only need it once in a while (Reason #1) or/and mindful with the spending (Reason #2). Hence, renting is a natural choice for you.

Reason 4 | You need it urgently

For example, you just moved into a new apartment and were not happy with its cleanliness and hygiene condition. You can book a steam cleaner for next day delivery (subject to equipment availability).

Reason 5 | You get hassle-free rental service in Singapore.

Since established in 2019, we have been providing the best equipment in Singapore. As a trusted rental company in the region, we promise the following:

No deposit, no penalty

No deposit is required when you rent a machine from us. No penalty fees if you accidentally damage the machine.

Replacement machine

If machine broke down (rarely), you get a replacement machine within the same day. Your rental period get extended by 1 day (free).

24-hours rental

Freedom is yours to plan ahead and use the equipment at your most convenient time. Return it the next day, no rush.

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