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Carpet Drying with the Karcher AB 45

Home rugs or carpets will be wet after deep cleaning. It is important to dry them up as quick as possible, ideally within a day (24 hours). If the wet carpet took more than 1 day to dry (slow drying), bad odor may develop and stay around. In the following we explain how you can use the professional carpet dryer Karcher AB 45 to effectively dry a wet carpet within a day.

Note: The term "wet carpet" refers to a carpet that has just been deep cleaned with our carpet cleaner.

A wet carpet doesn't dry on its own

A small carpet (area < 4 square meter) can be hung outdoor to dry provided it has ample of sunlight and wind. However, outdoor drying doesn't help on most occasions. This is because:

  1. The outdoor area of an apartment / house may not be sunny or large enough for drying carpet(s).
  2. Some carpets are larger than 4 square meter. Outdoor drying is not effective for them.

Picture: A customer's carpet (area = 6 square meter) was laid on floor and receiving strong wind from a Karcher AB 45. It was eventually dried up on the same day. In the background: smaller carpets (area < 4 square meter) were hung outdoor for drying.

The solution: Indoor drying with a professional carpet dryer

Indoor drying of carpets is more manageable as it doesn't depends on weather and availability of outdoor space. You can do it anytime you want. You do need a professional carpet dryer - the Karcher AB 45 Classic. It produces very strong wind to blow away moisture from wet carpets.

Karcher AB 45 Classic (Rental)

How to use the carpet dryer effectively?

The carpet dryer "Karcher AB 45" is able to dry up a carpet area up to 10 square meter within 6-12 hours of non-stop blowing. If you have quite a few large carpets to clean and dry, you may consider getting more carpet dryers by rental.

How to use it effectively?

  1. The carpet dryer should constantly blow and force a wet carpet to "wave".
  2. The wave motion helps the carpet to shake off / get rid of moisture.
  3. The wave motion also makes sure that both the top and bottom sides of the carpet get exposed to the strong wind from dryer. This is important to remove moisture that find its way to the bottom side.
  4. Check the carpet every 3 hours. Move the carpet dryer to area which is relatively wet to ensure the entire carpet get treated by strong wind.
  5. When the carpet top side has dried up, continue to blow at its bottom side until the latter also dried up. If possible, flip the carpet upside down to fully expose its bottom side.

In the following we include some videos to show the carper dryer in action.

Video #1: A Karcher AB 45 is drying a carpet of 6 square meter in area.

Video #2: Two Karcher AB 45 are drying a very large carpet of 24 square meter in area.

Concluding Remarks

Indoor drying of wet carpers is recommended. The professional carpet dryer Karcher AB 45 is instrumental in the drying process. A wet carpet of area < 10 square meter can be dried up in 6-12 hours time using the dryer. Larger carpets need multiple dryers working at the same time.

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