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Best carpet cleaners you can rent in Singapore

We took the pain to thoroughly test and compare different carpet cleaners for various types of carpets. Only the most effective and user-friendly machines stand out and get selected for rental services.

World-class brand

All carpet cleaners are made by reputable brands.

Excellent results

Effortlessly pull out lots of dirt from your beloved carpets.

Easy to use

5-10 mins of guides read and demo videos get you started.

Our Commitment

Since established in 2019, we have helped hundreds of home owners clean and maintain their carpets. We commit to offer you a truly hassle-free rental experience.

No deposit, no penalty

No deposit is required when you rent a machine from us. No penalty fees if you accidentally damage the machine.

Replacement machine

If machine broke down (rarely), you get a replacement machine within 4 hours. Your rental period get extended by 1 day (free).

24-hours rental

Freedom is yours to plan ahead and use the equipment at your most convenient time. Return it the next day, no rush.

Find out more about the machines?

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