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About Us

Most people struggle to remove stubborn dirt at home, so we rent them specialized equipment to get the dirt off. At North Star, we help people maintain a clean house that is pleasant to live in, host visitors, and say NO to expensive charges by cleaning companies.

You Don't Have to Compromise with Dirt...

If you were living in Singapore, and start to notice dirt accumulating here and there despite your routine cleaning, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news? Your everyday cleaning products or methods are simply not effective to handle certain areas or furniture. They are not able to reach nor remove dirt in there. So, the dirt grows in size and starts to annoy you.

You are not alone. When it comes to home cleaning, many people struggle. Knowing that hiring cleaning services are expensive, people spent time and effort to do the cleaning by themselves. However, cleaning is either ineffective, or taking too much of their precious time.

The good news? Home cleaning should be easy, if you have the right equipment in hands. That's where we are here to help you.

When you rent a cleaning equipment from us, you will be able to effectively remove unpleasant dirt that has been around for long time. You will see the cleaning result that you want, and be proud of your own achievement.