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We offer equipment renting service for your office, house, professional, and self-improvement needs. We believe that living in Singapore which is one of the busiest cities requires the right equipment to assist in a wide range of activities.

Our Service Categories

Our rental service addresses the equipment needs for office rentals, business events, real estates, piano lessons, sofa cleaning, house cleaning, and tailoring. We are still growing and expanding the equipment fleets to serve you better. We hope you find our equipment items interesting and relevant for your needs.​

Our Product Categories

Currently, we offer the following categories of rental equipment: projectors, 360 cameras, digital pianos, pressure washers, sofa cleaners, carpet cleaners, coffee machines, and sewing machines.

Projector360 Camera - Digital Piano - Pressure Washer - Upholstery Cleaner - Carpet Cleaner - Air Blower - Coffee Machine - Sewing Machine

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